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Providing World-Class Martial Arts Instruction Since 1997

Based out of Edmonton, AB, Canada with schools located around the world, Red Jade Martial Arts offers a wide range of martial instruction in both internal and external martial arts along with their intrinsic ties to Traditional Medicine. With an emphasis on "wu de" (martial virtue), personal well being, and tailored instruction for each student, Red Jade is more than just a "martial arts school"—it's an academy dedicated to developing life-long, whole-body wellness and personal improvement.

Our instructors, led by Sifu Neil Ripski, have been practicing together for more than three decades and started offering online courses in 2007. Red Jade embraces the power of modern technology and media, and actively participates over social media to freely share ideas and learn from the world of knowledgeable martial artists.

Red Jade firmly believes that the preservation of Traditional Martial Arts cannot be done behind closed doors, and so we invite one and all to join the Red Jade Family, and work together to become the best we all can be.


Areas of Practice


Holders of Ma Family Shadowfist Boxing, Red Jade provides a premiere lineage as its core system. Ma Family Shadowfist offers extensive training in a wide range of fundamental kung fu styles along with a unique approach to strategy and combative techniques.


Qigong are meditative breathing and posture exercises not unlike Yoga—in fact sharing a common ancestry through Buddhism. Combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine, qigong offer countless health benefits and bring balance to the more combative arts offered.


Drunken boxing is an deceptive and unpredictable fighting style that emphasizes misdirection and hidden structures. Sifu Ripski's extensive research and training in Drunken boxing have earned him a global reputation as one of the fiercest and most knowledgeable practitioners alive.


Tai Chi is balanced, Tai Chi is centred—Tai Chi is also an extremely effective internal martial style that emphasizes rooting, core power, and controlling the space of combat. Red Jade offers several forms, including Chen-style Tai Chi.


Bagua is the dragon that swims through the clouds. Not to be mistaken for traditional dance, Bagua is a fluid and devastating internal art that manipulates lines of intent and walks circles around its opponents. Red Jade offers instruction in Pa Kua Chang, Yin Fu, and more.


"Mind Intent Boxing", Xin Yi is often seen as the blunt weapon of martial arts, but in truth is a deeply focused and strategic internal martial style. Red Jade offers numerous Xin Yi styles ranging from 5 Elements Linking Fist to Xing Yi Liu He (10 Animal Xin Yi).


Sifu's Books on

Sifu Ripski is a world renowned instructor of Traditional Chinese Martial Arts, specializing in Drunken Style and Internal Arts. His life's work is to study and pass on the martial arts in order to see them thrive as a source for positive, healthy change for every student.

Sifu Ripski has written several in depth instruction manuals on Drunken Boxing and other martial styles. Visit and pick up your copies today!


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