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Sifu's Tea Table

Sifu's Tea Table

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The Cursive Martial Arts

As children we learn first how to make the shapes on paper that resemble the letters of the alphabet. Slowly and carefully we draw the lines that make the picture representative of a sound our teachers are showing us. Eventually those tiny pictures become letters to us and we begin learning to print and spell different words. But what I spoke about last night was about about learning to write cursive in the English language. Cursive writing is not only beautiful to look at when mastered but has a flow and cadence and softness to it from the connections from one letter to another. Of course at first we are messy and inefficient as using it (especially nowadays as it is dissapearing) but over time we start to see the connections between the letters as a place of beauty and flow. The spaces between the sounds, between the shapes.

The letters in printing have a definite beginning and end....

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