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Sifu's Tea Table

Sifu's Tea Table

Three Circles - Taiji Notes

The first circle of training is learning to move unrestricted within your own body.

The second circle of training is learning to move unrestricted through their body.

The third circle of training is moving unrestricted through space.

Moving only the limbs around the torso is zero circle.



Learning to release the body within the exterior (skin) is the study of getting out of your own way.

Feeling your own power is simply masturbation, any power you feel, they don’t.

Remove the limbs from the mind and move the torso instead.

Open the neck, run the knees on rails, something up/something down.


Learning to release through their body is a study of the mind.

“Swimming through the air.” my teacher said.

Bringing the self past the skin ends abruptly without becoming free and easy (Xiao Yao)

Study change, softness, attachment to a particular movement or outcome changes the mind to ice.


Ice mind, Ice body.



Some notes from my work this morning in my journal. I am trying to write down all the various principles and teachings I have received from all my teachers and friends. This writing just sort of, happened. Maybe it will be of some use to other people, maybe it's ramblings. 


My gongfu brother with whom I trained and cross referenced all my internal work has always used and referenced a nine level system for internal training. Three levels of beginner training (first circle), three levels of intermediate (second circle) and three levels of advanced (third circle). While this little... poem?... is only the first two circles it is in my estimation useful thinking. 






Neil Ripski