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Sifu's Tea Table

Sifu's Tea Table

Taiji Classes... but different.

Taijiquan is comprised of a set of principles illustrated through movements that give birth to techniques and applications. Unfortunately, in many cases only movements are taught or demonstrated for students to try and copy and ‘figure out’ over time. I have seen this time and time again with people who have claimed to have decades, actual decades of practice, and possess no skills.


I have been asked to teach a Taiji class live each week via my patreon following and this has made me give it much thought. I know I do not teach Taiji like other people I have met, with focus on drills and principles rather than forms and martial arts rather than health as the focus. In truth I know that I am not everyone’s cup of tea especially in Taiji. So, as I have been gathering my thoughts and writing down the nine levels system as I was trained and cross inputting methods from all the different teachers and lineages I have studied, I have realized a few things.

1)     Thinking outside the box is not well received in the Taiji world.

2)     Slow, gentle health practices are not what I will be teaching.

3)     Taiji is not a collection of forms and knowing forms doesn’t mean you are good at Taiji.

4)     Secrets kill arts, not preserve them.

5)     The form is not the art.

6)     Qi ain’t magic.

7)     Taiji is hard.

8)     Lineage is only a chance at skill, not a guarantee.


So, to cover facility fees, web expenses etc. I need to wait until I have my up to $1000 to start up the class. If you want to take Taiji from a Renegade player who will try to point at the art instead of the moves sign up and drop me a message.


If you’d like to take part in the classes, it’s only $50 US a month, and you’ll get access to all three internal arts: bagua, xinyi, and taiji.


You can support my efforts with as much or as little as you like, every supporter helps me teach you all these wonderful traditional martial arts.

Neil Ripski