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Sifu's Tea Table

Sifu's Tea Table


Messaging with one of my best students this morning. He is finding the balance in his training versus his life and work now. I thought I might share this response I sent as it might help other people going through the path of training. 

"We all go through it I think, Those of us drawn to a monomaniacal pursuit of martial arts. We get too hardcore at first, which we need to do for a few years. Then we need to relax and start to look at the balance of our lives. Our relationships with others, our lifestyles, ourselves and how we see our own persons. As we age and progress we see that our pursuit in martial arts training moves from pure physicality towards more mental work, "internal" work and it is as it should be. In this way the life of our training balances out over the decades. One cannot hold on too long to the physical or move too quickly into the mental or risk being stuck in one side or the other. This is where you see the 'masters' of the buffet table with no real skills happen, but they talk a good game. Or the retired 30 year old fighters, thinking they are too old to keep training, keep 'in the game'. A balanced approach lets a person live, work, love, and train in a way that betters their lives and other peoples. That's what we all need to look to understand. Finding your balance takes time, but it is so worth the effort."

My opinion only of course.

Neil the Kung Fu Guy