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Sifu's Tea Table

Sifu's Tea Table

Drunken Idiom….

Body Drunk, Mind Sober.]

 A relaxed body without unnecessary muscular tension for the movement or position in the moment. This idea is not a secret in Drunken Boxing but rather the starting point. A soft, relaxed body in movement and stillness is sometimes called sung 鬆 in arts like Taijiquan, Baguazhang, and so on. The sober mind refers to not only keeping any drunken theatrics of the art in the movement rather than the mind itself but also keeping the intent behind the movements clear in the mind. Powerful, clear intention mobilizes the qi or commands the relationships of the body to coordinate for a single purpose. This type of intent or Yi 意 is common to all types of martial arts as without a commander, the army falls into disarray. Direct training of the yi is common in martial arts like YIquan, Xinyiquan, Xinyiquan and the like.


Stand like a Mountain, Sway like Bamboo.

Without an understanding and execution of stability of the body it is difficult to have any real skill in martial arts. A solid foundation gives the player something to generate force from and in turn gives them a difficult to disrupt stance and structure. This can be called root 根 in reference to the roots of tree or in the idiom from Drunken Fist Bamboo. Swaying like Bamboo implies a soft but strong type of movement like a Bamboo plant in the wind. This refers not only to the typically soft and swaying body of the Drunkard but the limbs themselves remaining soft and pliable while retaining weight and power. Baguazhang has a similar saying “Stand like a mountain and move like deep water.” Which is likely from the Tao Te Ching  道德經 and used in training as an ideal to strive for. The idea of having root while retaining the ability to change and move freely is a principle found throughout martial arts.


Stand between Heaven and Earth and Defeat 10000 Soldiers. ….

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