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Sifu's Tea Table

Sifu's Tea Table

Calling All Patrons of the Arts


Hello everyone! We've had a great year at Red Jade. Our kids' classes out in Vegreville, AB have been a riot, with the best crew of kids you could hope for. Our indoor training in Edmonton, AB has been going great, and I've started an adults and seniors Lohan class. I'm also writing a new book on 18 Lohan Palm in collaboration with my own Sifu, Dr. Chen Qi Ming.

And now I've found a great community of like minded individuals online in all of you. It's been an immense pleasure having you all take such an interest in my teachings. In fact, I would like to be able to improve the services I offer to you.

Right now I have this free blog, and I post numerous free videos on YouTube. None of that will be changing. But I've also been writing in-depth essays on a lot of the systems that I've been working on, and I've been sharing these with smaller, segmented audiences on Facebook. I would like to be able to expand the scope of these essays, and widen the audience by removing the barriers of these groups and bringing you all in to Red Jade's Online Community, and by developing a more unified webpage and online presence.

To support this new online system, I've set up a Patreon account where you can subscribe to my mailing list where I will be sharing these essays, and where you'll gain access to our private Red Jade community on Facebook. By becoming a Patreon contributor, you'll also be the first to hear about seminars, events, and new merch available from the Red Jade team.

Your contributions will help cover the costs of the online systems and subscriptions, and support me as I work on these materials for you.

Head on over to Red Jade Martial Arts Patreon and sign up today!

Your support will mean the world to me. It's only $5 a month. For the cost of a fine coffee, you'll be helping me continue providing the best martial instruction I can, and you'll be helping Red Jade continue to provide the best classes for kids of all ages.

Truly, thank you for supporting our efforts. As things get going, we'll have more and more exclusive content to offer you! Stay tuned for more information on our new webpage!

With the utmost respect and humble thanks,

- Sifu Neil Ripski