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Zhongli Quan Kills a Tiger


One of the stories of the Eight Immortals from my upcoming book about their use in Drunken Boxing. My Books


Han Zhongli (Zhongli Quan) Kills a Tiger

Translated by Nathaniel Hu, 1st edit by Neil Ripski


ZHONG Liquan was once a great general from the Han Dynasty. However, in one

decisive battle against the Tibetans, his army was obliterated by the enemy.

Zhong Liquan then escaped to the mountains and met with the great deity Donghua

Dijun (Great Emperor form the East – 4). The holy deity then instructed him about the

secrets of immortality.


One day when Zhong Liquan and his elder brother Zhong Lijian, who followed

him to learn Taoism, were walking at Hua Shan Mountain, suddenly they heard a

thunderous voice. They quickly went to the source of the voice and found group of

hunters encircling a big tiger. This beast’s appearance was very frightening; with a bald

head, menacing yellow eyes and a series of fangs as sharp as blade.


The tiger had been cornered by a big boulder, however the hunters dare not to

step further, as the tiger was showing his fangs and ready to pounce on everyone who

dared to disturb him. When they saw a big guy (Zhong Liquan) they shouted to him

and asked for his help.


As Zhong Liquan approached them, one hunter who acted as their leader

greeted him and told him the full story "We don't know where this beast came

from, yesterday it entered our village and killed a boy. The boy's mother, a widow

cried unceasingly as she only had one child. One resident was so sorry to hear

her story and so assembled us to kill this beast. However, as it is so big, wild and

strong, many of us have been seriously injured by his claws."


Before Zhong Liquan responded, his elder brother Zhong Lijian addressed

them “This beast is indeed so dangerous and must be eliminated forever. Brother

how about using your treasure sword given by your teacher to kill him”?


Zhong Liquan approved and took his sword. As he unsheathed it a dazzling

light illuminated from the sword. Zhongli Quan then read an incantation and

threw his sword at the beast.


In an instant it cut the tiger's head off as if it was New Year cake. Blood spurted

everywhere, and its body was thrown off the cliff nearby. Zhongli Quan smiled

and read an incantation again to call his sword back.


Without saying about his origin or named, Zhongli Quan and his brother

left the hunters who thanked them without stop.




4 Before Han Zhongli (Zhongli Quan) left his teacher, Donghua Dijun once told him "This day you became my student, but later it will be me who become your pupil" In fact Donghua Dijun will be reincarnated as Lu Dongbin who is Han Zhongli's pupil.


Later Zhong Liquan and Zhong Lijian successfully become immortals.

Because he was born in Han Empire, then people called Zhongli Quan as Han

Zhongli or Zhongli from Han.