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Sifu's Tea Table

Sifu's Tea Table

100 Days to build a foundation


“100 Days to build a foundation”  

There are many ways this is expressed in qigong and meditation practices and Heavy Hands is no different. 100 days to gain the full benefit or build the foundation is referring to truly working into a practice to gain its benefits and the understanding of how the practice works.  The term of 100 days is not a magical number that must be obeyed to the letter, one day less or more will not make your qi explode or your brain leak out your ears it is referring to a season of training. Doing 100 days without skipping a day creates an effect that is somewhat difficult to describe, it begins to accumulate benefits faster than it does if you miss days of practice and therefore many teachers will really emphasize that if you skip a day you start over. They are trying to have the student experience that accumulation that seems more than the sum of its parts for themselves to gain a full understanding of the practice.

From personal experience of doing heavy hands and other qigongs without skipping days there is a distinct difference between the effects of training off and on versus the consistent work over 100 days. The idea is that it takes time to establish a routine and even more time to change and reprogram the way the body works. Qigong is studying relationships in the body and then working to improve them or change them from what the starting point is. In heavy hands for example the amount of release in the body throughout the musculature in the various postures, light air movement exercises and striking of the iron palm bag needs time to become normal and natural.

During the time you set aside for Heavy Hands practice the best results will come from making the effort to not skip a day at all be it for 30, 60 or 100 days.

Lastly the 100 days to build the foundation does not mean you have “finished” heavy hands training. In 100 days you will have felt the benefits, understood the exercises and know how they work. Since the qigong is not dangerous like some other practices it is possible to continue this practice if you like. I prefer to adhere to seasonal training schedules and I change qigong practices every three months or so to work on different things and parallel the seasons.


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