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Sifu's Tea Table

Sifu's Tea Table

Deaths Ground : Neigong Training


During the morning Neigong and meditation training during my full time intensive course this morning the subject of Deaths Ground came up. I thought I would turn on my camera while my student James explained his understanding of it to my young student Dan. I thought I would share it here with a short prelude from Sun Tzu.... Sun Tzu wrote of creating a ‘death ground’ — a place where an army is backed up against some geographical feature like a mountain, a river, or a forest and has no escape route.

It was reasoned without a way to retreat an army fights with double or triple the spirit compared to being on open terrain, precisely because death is viscerally present. Sun Tzu advocated deliberately stationing soldiers on death ground to give them the desperate edge that makes men fight like they never had before.


HERE is the video from my online Neigong course entwined with Drunken Boxing training. Enjoy!!