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Ma Family

Traditional Shaolin martial arts from the Ma Family lineage.




The treasured Ma Family system of traditional Shaolin martial arts offers training for students of all ages, with a focus on an individualized approach for every student. Whether a local student attending classes at our various locations world wide, a full-time trainee visiting us from afar, or a member of our online community, Red Jade offers instruction that helps each person find their best selves.



Traditional Chinese Martial Arts are more than just cardio, punches, kicks, and cool forms from traditional styles—but it's all those things too! Kung fu cannot be separated from the teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the fundamental knowledge of physical well being which the "gong fu" (or, hard work) is geared to achieve. Red Jade Martial Arts supplements the more familiar aspects of martial training with a series of qigong and fu zhu gong fa exercises that compliment the cyclical nature of the seasons.

In Edmonton, AB, Canada, where Red Jade first began training, the temperature can fluctuate from 40 degrees above to 40 degrees below, with as little as 4 hours of sunlight in the winter to as little as 4 hours of twilight in the summer. These widely varying climates allow for a unique relationship with the land and place of training. With these fluctuations in mind, the qigongs and fu zhu gong fa taught at Edmonton Red Jade take advantage of the expanding and contracting energies of the seasons by matching the intent of the exercise to the nature of the season. Seasonal training brings a student into better harmony with their environment, improving well being and spirit in a meaningful, interconnected way.

From Edmonton to Chicago, our skilled Instructors develop curriculum that take full advantage of their climates, and empower each student's unique strengths.


If you're interested in a more in-depth and hands-on approach to training, Red Jade Martial Arts offers full-time instruction sessions with Sifu Ripski several times per year that coincide with Red Jade's seasonal qigong curriculum:

  • Spring Semester : Yi Jin Jing - Muscle Tendon Change Qigong

  • Summer Semester : Ma Family Shadowfist Boxing

  • Fall Semester : Gu Yu Cheung's Heavy Hands Qigong

  • Winter Semester : 18 Lohan Palms Qigong

For up to 4 weeks at a time, you can join Sifu Ripski in Edmonton, AB, Canada (or wherever he happens to be training!) and enjoy 40 hours of instruction per week directly with Sifu. In addition to the seasonal qigong, you'll be instructed in the systems and forms that Red Jade is currently working on at that time with the indoor students.

Costs, dates, and availability can vary from season to season, so be sure to Contact us today to plan your travel and studies with Red Jade Martial Arts.


Kids' classes at Red Jade Martial arts are the core of our instruction. We want our kids to feel as much a part of our family and community as anyone, and so we offer training tailored to each child's needs and level of physical fitness.

With a focus on "wu de" (or, martial virtue) and self reflection and improvement, Red Jade hopes to inspire our kids with a desire for well being and harmony as much as they inspire us every day to be better and make the world better for every generation. We don't just train students, we seek to make friends and build a community that we can be proud of while cultivating a life-long interest in self-improvement and wellness.

Red Jade believes in the family approach to training. We support one another, and provide a safe place for kids to explore their inner selves and find ways to express their boundless energy, compassion, and creativity.

Kids' classes at Red Jade are built around the Ma Family system of 8 Shadows Fist, and begins with thorough training in fundamental stances and physical fitness in a way that encourages each child to find their own strengths and limitations. Then, as students continue their training, we introduce them to martial styles that suit their uniquely empowered disposition.

If you'd like to learn more about kids' classes at Red Jade, visit our Studios page for more information about kids' classes near you!