Red Jade Martial Arts
Traditional Chinese Martial Arts




Prices listed are in Canadian Dollars. The fee schedule represented here is the standard fee schedule for classes held in Edmonton, AB with Sifu Ripski and Vegreville, AB with Sifu Elber.

Each Red Jade location has it's own fee schedule that reflects the structure of the courses offered, and currencies will change as well. To learn about each location, visit Studios for more, or Contact us with any questions you might have!



Red Jade Martial Arts trains over seasonal semesters that last 10 weeks each, with a three week break between each. Every semester, we work on a different style or system based on the season and our current interests.


Drop-In Sessions

Want to come kick it for the day? Come train! The door is always open. Contact us ahead of time to check availability (or for where we might be, because summer time is outdoor time!) before dropping by.



Once a semester, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, for four weeks. You will be working on the styles and systems that Red Jade indoor students are currently training, in addition to training directly with Sifu Ripski.

Often, you'll be getting more than 8 hours a day as we're generally always working on something. Be sure to budget for food and travel throughout the city. 

Living costs, dates, and availability can vary from season to season, so be sure to Contact us today if you plan to travel for your studies with Red Jade Martial Arts.